Green Guru International Cuisine

Green Guru is great.

green guru

They make some of the best exotic vegetarian foods and I love them because they write whether or not that particular dish is vegan right on the front of the box along with its spice level.

I had Dal Rajastani tonight as a main course over rice. Yum.

11 thoughts on “Green Guru International Cuisine”

  1. The sag is better than almost any I have had in
    Indian restaurants.
    The spinach is so fresh I don’t know how you
    manage it.
    What a great meal;
    just delicious.
    Pam Mathers
    Denver, CO

  2. I recently purchased the Channa Masala frozen dish since it seemed like a healthy alternative to convenience food. The packaging states that it’s vegan, all natural, gluten free, cholesterol free and no preservatives. However, when I read the ingredients it contains citric acid and calcium chloride. Both are preservatives. This is very misleading and I think action should be taken to remedy this issue.

  3. Praise:
    Green Guru’s Vegetable Pad Thai is one of the two BEST Pad Thai preparatations I have even had- it is better than what I have had in most Thai restaurants- and I am a big fan of pad thai. The flavoring is very tasty with just enough kick. It has 4 different vegetables which most pad thai dishes don’t even bother with.
    Downside and Fix for the Downside:
    The tofu is deep fried and rather oily, so if you are not eating fried foods, avoid this dish.
    The dish is on the OILY side, but I chop up a lot of fresh spinach and throw it in there before heating. The spinach wilts a bit and absorbs the excess oil in the microwave and the excess oil makes the spinach eatable. If you pad the dish with some other fresh ingredient to absorb the oil, it is a perfect dish. I really love it!

  4. The Kofta Curry (vegan) and the Palak Paneer (vegetarian) are the only 2 I’ve tried. They are “by far” the best frozen dishes available at my grocery store. Actually I found this website googling Green Guru; I wanted to find out what else they made…
    Collect them all, that sort of thing…

  5. The Dal Rajastani is SOOOO good! I could eat it every day for lunch! I eat the Dal Rajastani and the Channa Masala at least once per week for lunch. Thanks for making these!

  6. The Kofta Curry and Dal Rajastani are both addictive they are so delicious. I can only find them at one local store, and when they are in stock, I buy them out and stock my freezer. I wish they were carried at other stores and were not out of stock so frequently.

  7. I buy your palaak paneer for lunch almost every day. Now there’s no rice in it. Why is this? I’m going to stop buying it if I can’t eat it as a mean – and now I’m starving.


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