Vegan Wheat Thins

I don’t know if all Wheat Thins are vegan, but these Harvest Crisps, Five-Grain are and they’re good, too.

Wheat Thins are vegan

You’ve got to visit, it looks kinda like, but it’s all about food instead of cartoons. (they do have food cartoons) – [not anymore]

Now just because it’s Nabisco doesn’t mean they don’t care about a healthy diet. Look, they have this sensible snacking link right on the main page, and the sensible snacking page has links like – What’s your snacking IQ? – 100 ways to burn 100 calories. [no snacking IQ anymore]

Healthy Snacking at Nabisco World

They do care.

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  1. Re: Crackers
    With a recipe from Laurel’s Kitchen – Curry Crackers, I’ve learned to do crakers in my own kitchen. I can see why food manufacturers like to make and sell crackers. The ingredients are simple and cheap and after a little roasting the flours and wheat germ become so delicious. Crackers are fun to do because everybody flips over them. I’ve even brought them to potlucks.


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