Soy Feta Cheese

UPDATE [2023] – They no longer make this vegan feta cheese.

Buy Vegan Feta at Trader Joe’s >>

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Look what I found!

I must warn you, this cheese is not completely vegan, it contains casein. For me it’s a great find because I give in and eat casein. That’s what makes me “almost vegan” as I have said before.

Soy Moon makes 6 different Gourmet cheeses, the rest are Soy Gouda, Soy Provolone, Soy Mozzarella, Soy Mozzarella with Italian Herbs, and Queso Blanco Mexican Picante Style.

I happened upon the little tub (4oz.) of soy feta yesterday and it is gone today.

Very, very tasty.

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  1. soy moon seems to have diasppeared from our local whoe foods store and their website is inaccessible. do you know if they are out of business?

  2. yeah they did go out of business.
    There’s another soy feta on the market now – esp. in the East US that is both vegan and organic.
    It’s by Sunergia the seasoned tofu co.


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