I’m Eatin’ Pudding!

I just made this pudding and it is in the refrigerator right now thickening up. I have not had pudding for the 5 years I have been vegan, and probably a lot longer than that.


This Oetker, Simple Organics Cooked pudding and Pie Filling Mix, Mocha flavor, I found at my health food store.

The reason I thought to have some pudding was because I saw a package screaming “Soy Pudding” on the shelf. Well, I read the ingredients on this extremely expensive Soy Pudding and then picked up the Simple Organics and saw basically the same stuff in it for half the price.

The only difference was the Soy Pudding called for soy milk in the directions. So I bought the simple organics pudding, decided to make it with soy milk and felt kinda clever. Oh, one more difference – Mocha flavor. It is tasty!

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