Vegan Hot Dogs

At my family’s summer events they like to barbecue so I decided to join them in a hot dog. I would seem very all American eating a hot dog with them, not “weirdo vegan” as they usually see me.

tofu pups

So I tried these Tofu Pups, quickly slipping them out of the package and passing them to the cook to grill for me –> Yuck!


smart dog

Then I noticed these Smart Dogs and thought that the “Smart” meant they had figured out how to simulate a hot dog –> Blaaagh!


I hope I am missing something and am not just incredibly hot dog picky because I am originally from Chicago. I like other vegan “meat” products. Now, I am on the lookout for a good vegan hot dog. (Not one with eggs in them!)

If anybody knows of a good vegan hot dog, please tell me.

Sorry about this entry Lightlife, I do like many of your other products. (Steak/Chick’n strips are great)

6 thoughts on “Vegan Hot Dogs”

  1. i tried smart dogs and they were gross … i don’t even wanna try other kinds after that ! i’ll just stick with chic’n patties and veggie burgers

  2. I have to say, I haven’t tried any vegan hot dogs. I never liked hot dogs when I did eat meat, so I don’t think I’ll be much help in this department. However, here’s a little story. When we were in San Diego last week, we went to a baseball game at the new Petco Park. I was pleased to see that they had a veggie hot dog and a veggie burger at the fast food grill stand as well as an Asian stand with lots of veggie alternatives. Surprisingly, Dodger Stadium in L.A. offered no veggie meat alternatives.

  3. I hear you Vicky!
    Danielle, that is because the Dodger Dog is a LA tradition. I tried one once, when I used to eat meat, and I almost passed out from the horror of it. Mushy, fried, hot dogs, but LA’ites worship them. I think they know they are disgusting, but assume hot dogs must be that way.
    A guilty pleasure.

  4. hi there,
    my fav veggie dogs are called “big franks”. theyre vegan and pretty good. they come 8 in a can (i know, doesnt sound to good), but theyre good when you sautee then with onions and mushrooms. microwaving or boiling them also works and i assume theyre good on the bbq.

  5. One of the greatest conspiracies of the modern world is the fact that hot dogs come in packets of ten and hot dog buns come only in packets of eight. This may sound trivial, but when one starts to consider the marketing strategies involved, the amount of money being dealt with is quite staggering. Here

  6. Thanks for mentioning “big franks”, Ruchy. Those might be worth a try.
    I’ve yet to find a vegetarian hot dog that is not altogether DEES-gusting. (IMHO, Smart Dogs should be discontinued. I can’t believe anyone is actually buying them. The company has so many other great foods, I guess people get suckered into trying them…. once. And only once!)


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