Roasted Garlic Bagel Crisps

Bagels are a great vegan food, because (most) they are naturally vegan and they also make great crackers.
Roasted Garlic Bagel Crisps
I’ve been looking for some crackers since my big soy cheese windfall and these New York Style Roasted Garlic Bagel Crisps worked, very garlicky though, so be warned.
New York Style also makes plain, and a type that are not vegan.
The crisps have been perfect while polishing off the rest of my SoyMoon Gouda Soy Cheese. Good balance together, the cheese tempers the garlic flavor.

6 thoughts on “Roasted Garlic Bagel Crisps”

  1. Ok, LOVE these! Also delicious are the Baked Pita Chips (of course I can’t remember the brand…) but I know they come in a bag, like potato chips. Yummy. And when I’m feeling like being especially naughty, I grab a bag of the Yukon Gold potato chips (salt and pepper variety). Deep-fried heaven!

  2. You can grab a bg bag of bagel crisps at a BJ’s Wholesale club, Sam’s club, or Costco. I just picked up another bag and havent put them down!!! The big bags are resealable too!

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