1 thought on “Cauliflower Chickpea Patties [Vegan]”

  1. I recently have discovered your vegan recipes and they are fabulous thank you. I’m sorry to read you felt run down so started eating dairy. I think if you knew just how unhealthy dairy is for humans and that is aside from the appalling cruelty then you may not eat it. Vegan cheeses now days are amazing and there are so many to chose from until you find the one you like and are also easy to make. Even fish are proven to carry heavy metals and plastic now no matter where they are caught in the world. Maybe watch Food Choices Documentary on Netflix and What The Health to find out more about these foods. Being vegan is easy. If you feel run down then eat more. Eating animal products because we are run down is an oxymoron as they are toxic to us as we are designed and meant to eat plants. I hope this helps a bit. Put yourself in the position of the animals too, that helps see the reality of our actions. Thank you again so much for such tasty vegan recipes. I really do appreciate them and so does my family ?


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