Vegan Indian Cooking Made Easy

MasalaPaneer01.jpgWaverley Kitchens WK Pacs
Waverley Kitchens contacted me and offered to send me a sample of their new WK Pacs for me to taste test. The pacs contain spices for authentic Indian dishes and detailed cooking instructions that were very easy to follow. You have to shop for the rest of the ingredients yourself. They have vegan alternatives for all their WK Pac recipies. WK Pacs are packaged together as a meal and include a curry, sabji (dry vegetable dish), and raita (yogurt based dish).
MasalaPaneer03.jpgI tried the Masala Paneer Curry, Green Beans Sabji, Mixed Vegetable Raita using their instructions for the vegan alternative – firm tofu in place of paneer cheese, soy instead of cow’s milk, soy yogurt, etc..
It was very tasty, a bit spicy, and very authentic tasting.
If you like to cook and want to make some authentic Indian dishes, but the complex spices elude you, then these are the pacs for you.
They have a nice website, here’s the page with all the different meals they offer. They even have videos on how to make the meals on their website as well as online ordering.
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