Lightlife Tempeh

tempeh_flax.jpgtempeh_fbacon.jpgYou know, I don’t eat a lot of Tempeh. I probably should, because it is very good for you. That I know and maybe that’s why I haven’t eaten much up till now, I’m bad, really.
But Lightlife may be saving me from myself. First, I tried the Organic Tempeh – Flax, I made a nice stir-fry over plain rice and it was great, not to mention how healthy I felt because of the 1,000mg of Omega 3 in there, which is hard to get in a vegan diet. Even though this stuff is really good for you it is tasty and for me, very different. At this point I like different a lot. I find myself eating the same things over and over just because it’s easy not to think about it when I get busy at work. But it is fun to think about food and makes it an art form instead of a drudgery.
Then I made some “bacon” lettuce and tomato sandwiches with the Organic Tempeh Fakin Bacon on some really good fresh bread for myself and a carnivore friend. Great stuff, I hardly got much to eat because my friend loved the sandwich(es) so much.
If you see it in the store, this stuff is a must try.

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