Mouse Update – Vegan Mouse Traps

Oh, God! I did not get them all. I only got the children! (please see post below)
I took my Tip Trap down last night, at like almost 3am because I hadn’t caught one for hours. Just to check, I put one piece of cat food in there and a fresh cap of water. This morning the cat food was gone so I decided I had to get the Tip Trap back out and try it again tonight.
tiptrapinaction.jpgWell, first time I checked on the Tip Trap it was turned over, again, and nobody was home…But, somebody did chew the label a bit. I thought, that’s odd. I set it back up again and waited. I heard a clunk and rushed in the bathroom. I opened the door under the sink (where they are hiding out) and I see the Tip Trap again on it’s side, and a mouse standing next to it. (she got up into the pipe hole before I could nab her)
Now last night all the mice I shuttled out were very small and light in color. They all looked young. The one standing before me tonight was not. It was fairly large and very dark. I think it’s the mom. She may have been trying to chew her children out of the Tip Trap, at least in my imaginary mouse world she was.
I feel so badly.
I think I have broken up a family. Her children are outside and she is still in the bathroom and I can’t catch her because she has figured out the Tip Trap.
Aaaaah! Help!

6 thoughts on “Mouse Update – Vegan Mouse Traps”

  1. wouldn’t it be nice if there was a “mouse refuge area”…. and wouldn’t it be nice if there was a “piper” to lure them all in so that the families would not be separated.

  2. I got my new live mousetrap, but since then I have not seen any signs of mice. I now wonder if they don’t have another way out of the house. I hope and imagine that they are all together.
    I pray…
    The secret lives of mice are quite mysterious.

  3. My wife called me into the kitchen yesterday morning with a voice I had not previously heard to tell me there was a mouse. Our cat shows absolutely no interest in small animals, and I suspect the mouse was living on dry cat food. I remembered seeing the Tip-Trap at Harbor Freight Tools, and had thought it was about the cleverest thing I had ever seen, so we went there yesterday and I got 3 Tip-Traps at $1.99 each (I’ve seen them since on line for $1.49 at ( This morning our little guest was in the trap behind the microwave, so I enrolled him in the Rodent Relocation Program and took him to our local park, where I had to shake him out as he didn’t want to leave.


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