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parma.jpgParma! is Good!
The people that make Parma! contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if they could send me a sample of their new vegan parmesan cheese called Parma! — I of course said sure. (FREE FOOD!!!) Well, I do worry that I might not like some of these free offerings and then I think, what am I going to say on my blog about it? Lucky, I have not answered that question yet.
Parma! is not cheese, it’s not like the other soy parmesan cheese I usually eat which is made from soy and is more like cheese, but has a strong aftertaste. Parma! is actually made of walnuts, Celtic sea salt and yeast and then some seasonings. But this stuff is so darn tasty I found myself eating it right out of the little shaker they sent me. (pictured)
The first night I made a pasta dish with a tomato sauce. It was good on that. Now it being from walnuts, there is no melting involved, so it is more of a seasoning than a cheese, but it actually does taste like parmesan and I was surprised.
In the note that came with it, the marketing person said her favorite place to put Parma! is on salads. This is a great use for it, it is perfect for salads, for pasta and pasta salads. Heck, the other night I put it on toast with Smart Balance and it was really good.
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  1. it’s really easy to make your own vegan ‘parmesan’.. just grind 1/2 cup almonds with 1/2 cup nutritional yeast, add a bit of salt (other seasonings if you like) and it’s very yummy and very cheap!


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