Vegan B-L-T

I made a vegan B-L-T sandwich for lunch the other day. It was not bad, not really the same though because nothing is as tasty as a pig. I say this with no intention of eating one, they look to be very nice animals. Smart, loving, very sweet. It seems they also make good pets.

smart bacon
The Smart Bacon meatless strips from Lightlife I used instead were good enough. I made it on sun dried tomato bread, which made the sandwich quite tasty and special. Be careful not to cook the Smart Bacon too long. It gets to be nasty-crispy very quickly.

4 thoughts on “Vegan B-L-T”

  1. I love veggie blt sandwiches. Try the morningstar bacon in the microwave. I’ve found that to be really tasty. Of course, I’m not really looking to replicate the taste of the real thing–just looking for a good flavor.

  2. Oh, you must try LightLife’s tempeh bacon strips – they’re amazing! You can find them in the refrigerated section of grocery stores, and in my opinion, they blow other ‘fake bacon’ out of the water. One of my siblings (who is the farthest thing from vegan and loves his real bacon) couldn’t believe how good the flavor was. And they’re 100% vegan! Cook em up in a skillet, then add to sandwiches, tofu scrambles, eat them plain…whatever. :) The pigs thank you!


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