No Food Today

120x240_katrinahsus.gifI have been rather devastated myself, even though I’m safe, well fed, watered, and dry in my Midwestern home, by Katrina.
My fear and concern for the people of the region had lessened a tiny bit today with the entrance of the forces in New Orleans yesterday and the progress they seem to be making, but my worry for the animals has not.
The sight of dogs and cats on rooftops, porches and in trees alone and confused killed me, so I got on my computer and looked for animal welfare societies that might be helping.
Well Peta was a huge disappointment, but The Humane Society of the United States was not. They were finally admitted into New Orleans to begin an animal rescue effort today, Sunday the 4th. Thank God and go folks go. Get that huge dog I saw today on CNN out of that tree and give him some food, water and a comfy place to take a nap!
I hug my dog, Weim, a lot these days, but it doesn’t wipe the scenes of lonely, stranded animals out of my mind.

2 thoughts on “No Food Today”

  1. I totally agree…my family of 6 (that only contains 2 humans) are doing well but it breaks our hearts to see the SLOWness of the rescues and lack of facilities and money to support their efforts. Thanks for posting!

  2. Well said Denise – you took the words out my mouth. The suffering of the people is only intensified by the fact their beloved compainions are left to fend for themselves, lonely, hungry, tired, and scared. I cannot wipe the images away either – they haunt me.


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