Fall is in the Air – Bob’s Red Mill to the Rescue

After a summer here in Michigan of more 90 degree days than in 70 years, it went down under 50 last night. “Good sleeping weather” as some would (and did) say. I love it warm, so I must find things to start comforting myself at the slightest hint of fall.
Bobs Red Mill
Bob’s Red Mill is a great company. Not necessarily vegan or vegetarian, but so health conscious their products are often vegan. (Yet they often suggest pork products to be added to their soup, etc.)
Bobs Vegi Soup Mix
I love the Vegi Soup Mix, you can find it in numerous supermarkets or you may also buy it online along with the rest of Bob’s offerings.
Read the labels, but mostly just keep an eye to adjust their recipe suggestions. From the comments I receive, I think you all know how to do that.
To everyone going back to school, my condolences (study hard and be great!)

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  1. I’m trying to find Cherrybrook Farm items, and need help. I’m in Burlington, NC. Could you tell me what stores in my area carries this brand? Thanks for your help. I’ve recently had a drastic change in my diet and can’t eat any of the foods I was used to. I’m finding some items but am still having trouble finding others. Thanks in advance for your help.


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