Wal-Mart has Soy Yogurt — YEEEEHAAAA!!!!

Silk Soy Yogurt - blueberry...my favoriteOkay, I know, I know…Wal-Mart is evil, but, but, they got Silk Soy Yogurt! I was so excited. They must have just started carrying it.
Now, if I don’t buy the soy yogurt at Wal-Mart (yeeha!), I have to drive 45 miles and pay $1.08 at my health food store. On the other hand, Wal-Mart is 12 miles away and they sell the Silk Soy Yogurt for 89 cents. Believe me, I looked more than 5 times just to make sure.
Now I know Wal-Mart must be getting their Silk Soy Yogurt from prison labor camps in China, but I don’t care.

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  1. Actually, silk is all organic and against sweat shop labor. ^_^ Also a Wal-Mart shopper stuck in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sucks, doesn’t it?
    PS Love your blog. You crack me up.

  2. your food is funny. vegans eat weirdly. i don’t see why you don’t just tuff it out and eat a delicious chicken quesidilla or a tacobell soft taco.

  3. Quesadilla is spelt quesadilla. I don’t see why you can’t spell quesadilla because obviously you stare at the word on the menu boards enough.

  4. Thank you.
    I admire you and your site. It’s great to know other Vegans live in not-so-Vegan friendly areas. I can not wait to go to Wal-Mart and find silk yogurt. And those Vegan egg rolls. I really miss those.

  5. How funny. I was actually searching for Kodee’s blog when I showed up here but I have to comment here because sadly, soon enough, the only store I will be able to shop at will be Wal-mart.
    The sadness of living in Beaumont, Texas. The sadness of the fact that every other store is in gang territory.
    So I feel very happy that I will be able to eat breakfast in Beaumont. If I hadn’t have seen this post I would have never gone looking for vegan food in Wal-mart.
    <3 Ellen

  6. Hi there. I am newly vegan…trying very hard. I don’t actually have a hard time giving up meat…hardly ate it anyway. (except fish, I kinda like fish, but too many chemicals). So anyway…the only thing I have problems with is things made with egss, milk etc. Like bread. It’s hard to find vegan bread. If I’m starving and need a peanut butter sandwich, sometimes I just eat regular bread. Is this terrible of me? What can I do? Any ideas?!

  7. If you’re into all kinds of carbs, try Wonder bread. 100% Vegan. ^^; Low Calorie too! And some brands of Sarah Lee are Vegan too. Wheat bread! w00t!
    Read Labels. This is your new objective in life.

  8. Remember, when arguing a topic, pointing out the spelling errors of your opponent spells your own defeat.
    I’m not vegan and love eating ‘corpses’
    I really do not get you vegans though. We are all animals, we have the teeth, digestive system, and nutritional needs of an omnivoure. So why is it not ok for us to eat the diet we were designed to eat? Is it ok for a vegan to feed thier pets meat? Should I give my little puppies vego-cheese???

  9. I just stumbled upon this site while looking for some vegan recipes, and I read Eric’s post and felt like I needed to set him straight…
    Eric, where is your proof that humans are omnivores? Don’t say something like “we have canine teeth meant to rip through their flesh”, because our “canine” teeth are so small and pathetic compared to a carnivore’s incredibly large and sharp teeth. Now before you try to say something to counter that, I have a lot more information PROVING that we ARE NOT meant to eat animals. http://www.goveg.com/feat/NaturalHumanDiet/default.asp The link has a lot more information than I have time to type.
    About the pets… It’s the vegan’s choice if they want to make their pet(s) vegan, too. Personally, as long as the company isn’t like Iams (they do creul, non-humane, and unnessicary tests on cats and dogs), then it’s perfectly fine for the pets to be carnivores. Plus, turning a dog or cat into a herbivore requires a lot of time, energy, and extra money, and can be unhealthy to the animal if done the wrong way.
    Eric, please try to at least understand why so many people are vegan/vegetarian, and try not to critisize them.
    <3 Jaye

  10. Hi, I’m not vegan, just vegetarian (giving up meat was easy, have a hard time with the dairy though >.< I found this place while trying to find gelatin free yogurt) but Eric’s comments brought me to feel the need to say something to back up my non-meaty brethren.
    Eating meat merely because one has the capability to do so is well and good for those who make that choice. I personally do not feel that I should cause any more death than necessary during my time on this world, from cows and chickens right down to the ants I accidentally step on in my kitchen in spring (darn pesky things come in no matter how clean the place is o.O). For me personally to feel right continuing to live in this world I must do everything in my power to see that I do not leave a negative impact on other lives in this world regardless of how small they are. None are more or less valuable than me, I have no right to deny them their existence.
    Others do not make this same decision and that is their right. No one can make anyone believe any which way so there’s no point in trying. Even more pointless is deliberately antagonizing people are different from one’s self for no apparent reason other than perhaps to feed one’s own ego.
    By all means feel free to state your own beliefs in context as your own beliefs while not putting down the beliefs of others. Don’t you think, however, that a post about vegan yogurt may not be the most productive forum for such a debate?
    P.S. Isn’t dairy bad for dogs anyway? Giving puppies real cheese may be a worse idea than vegan cheese. Rice cheese might actually be good for them as dogs need a little bit of grain in their diet for fiber. It helps them digest their meat! :p

  11. I think the important thing to remember is what’s ‘natural’ isn’t that important, since nature makes shit up as it goes. All animals and plants and microbes live because they survive doing whatever they can. Cows survive eating grass because that’s what they evolved for, and dogs eat meat likewise.
    Humans CAN be omnivorous and they CAN be vegetarian. Our ancestors and relatives ate/eat meat, but they also eat a majority of plants.
    It’s also important to remember while our ancestors ate meat, a monkey chasing a squirrel with a stick isn’t the same thing as a wolf pack bringing down an elk. Humans really don’t NEED near carnivorous portions of meat everyday. That’s the whole point of meat, you don’t need as much to get the protein. It’s cheap and quick, but not necessary in this society of over abdunant food sources.
    So, as long as you can live and thrive, use those canines however you see fit. ^-^
    Katie, omnivore (mostly because she’s too lazy to actively avoid meat >.> she still likes that ‘weird’ soy crap though ^^ )
    PS, oh yeah, about walmart.. crap, that tears me in two. o_O I hate how some whole foods companies delibrately overprice stuff because they can, but I hate walmart for all the shit they do (because they can). eep.

  12. People point to Walmart and cry “anti-union”.
    Unions enable disfavored people to live satisfactorly without addressing their disfavor. This way their family’s problems are never resolved. Without the union they would have to accept the heirarchy, their own inferiority.
    Unions serve to empower.
    Walmart is anti-union because they are good. They try to help people address and resolve their problems by creating an enviornment where there are fewer hurdles.
    Media ridicule and lawsuits are creations to reinforce people’s belief that Walmart is evil in a subsegment of the industry dominated by the middle and lower classes.
    Low-cost disfavored Chinese labor is utilized by corporate america to maximize margins. They all do it. Only WalMart gets fingered because they are the ones who help, and those who seek to create confusion in the marketplace want to eliminate the vast middle class who have a real chance and instead stick with lower classes who may not work otherwise. So they dirty him up while allowing the others to appear clean.
    The coining of the term “Uncle Sam” was a clue alluding to this::Sam Walton’s WalMart is one of few saviors of the peasant class.

  13. Omnivores can eat anything and have healthy productive lives. I think a few people on this blog are using the word omnivore & actually meaning “carnivore”.
    Herbivore: Cow
    Omnivore: Human (+ dogs, pigs etc)
    Carnivore: Lion
    There is no reason at all why a vegan should feed meat to their dog. Why choose to support cruelty to cows/pigs/etc simply because your dog likes the taste of meat? Your dog can live a cruelty free lifestyle exactly the same as any person. There is much information available to support this and many types of vegan pet food available (though rarely in mainstream supermarkets).


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