Gourmet Vegan Cookies

Liz Lovely
The Vegan’s vegan cookies. Very famous with vegan’s in the know.

Cowboy Cookies
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Frontier Cookies

Peanut Butter Classic

Peanut Butter Classics


Ginger Snapdragons


Cowgirl Cookies

I was introduced to Liz Lovely Cookies by a regular visitor to Almost Vegan, Danielle (her blog – joeparadox.com), who I suspect is twice the vegan I am judging from the tips and recipes she sends me.
Baking a Difference in the World
Liz & Dan Holtz
Liz & Dan Holtz create their vegan masterpieces in Vermont. They don’t ship all over the USA yet and their cookies are in very high demand. I talked them into sending me some, because they don’t sell them here in Michigan.
Well, it is not just hype. These are really incredible cookies. Obviously hand made (like it says on the bag) and really tasty. Very generously coated with chocolate on the back, (Cowboy, Cowgirl and Peanutbutter) and choc full of all kinds of great things except trans-fats so eat up!
Find out more about Liz Lovely on their — really nice website.

2 thoughts on “Gourmet Vegan Cookies”

  1. YAY! The word is being spread far and wide about these amazing cookies!
    Last night, we had a poker party and I set up my usual elaborate spread. One of the guests asked me if everything was vegan. I confirmed that all the food on the table was, indeed, free of any and all animal products. By the end of the evening, there were a few crumbs and scraps left over.
    I love when people realize that being vegan doesn’t mean giving up all things delicious.
    Now I’m going to have a Cowboy Cookie for breakfast…

  2. Danielle, I have been hearing (reading) you sing the praises of these cookies for so long and finally I know why. Just one thing… I know you are a Cowboy Cookie freak, (and I think they are great) but I love the Peanut Butter. I have never had a peanut butter cookie even close to this good. They are definitely my favorite.


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