Tasty Tofurky

This was my first Tofurky, and I just ate the last bite tonight!
At first, I didn’t think it was the best thing I had ever tasted for Thanksgiving dinner. I purposely stay away from recreating carnivore experiences because I think that is setting myself up for failure, and that may have been the problem. But the Tofurky grew on me… or maybe it was like any other Thanksgiving dinner: The leftovers are always better later or the next day or the day after that or the day after that.
I really enjoyed making a hot Tofurky open-faced sandwich, smothered in mushroom gravy on nice, toasted, fresh sourdough bread I bought the day after for just this type of thing.
Tonight it was especially tasty.

3 thoughts on “Tasty Tofurky”

  1. OMG tofurkey is the best ever, especially for thanksgiving time and christmas b/c the rest of my family isn’t vegitarian like me but I just bring some of this n I’m good, I love this stuff and just plain tofu 2. Thanks 2 the people that thought of this, at least around the holidays I don’t look too out of place!!!!

  2. Another awesome thing about Tofurkey is it’s versatility. I had one all to myself, so after the obligatory day-after-Thanksgiving Tofurkey sandwich (which was, of course, delicious), I scooped out the stuffing, diced up the remaining tofurkey, and made “tofurkey salad,” with tofurkey, celery, red grapes, walnuts, bowtie pasta, and a dressing of half vegenaise and half tofutti sour cream. I highly recommend this if you have post-Christmas tofurkey. It’s so good! :0)


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