Little Debbie’s Vegan

Believe it or not!
Little Debbie Apple Pie
The worst thing about being vegan is when I find something like this… I was on the road at a gas station/mini mart, I happened to reached down and read the ingredients on this Little Debbie Apple Pie while the cashier did her thing and…wow. This pie is vegan. I’ll take it.
Now, when I was not vegan I wouldn’t have allowed someone to force feed me a Little Debbie, but I savored this pie and my new discovery.
God help me.

4 thoughts on “Little Debbie’s Vegan”

  1. I found these in Medford Oregon and was STOKED to find out that these were vegan, and a google search brought me to this site.
    Thank you!

  2. Beware!
    I have been trying to track more info down about these pies, but McKee foods doesn’t seem to know they exist. Anyway, altho the ingredients appear vegan, if you look at the nutritional info, it is listed as containing cholesterol!

  3. last night I drove over 80 miles and stopped at 24 gas station / truck stops looking for these apple pies. I didnt find a single one. damn you hostest and your beef fat filled fruit pies!


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