Vegan Shortbread Cookies

Here’s another surprise cookie treat from Nabisco. I read the package and these are totally vegan.
LornaDoon Cookies
I find it hard to believe Nabisco is making these products to appeal to vegans. I think it’s a very hopeful sign: It must be becoming cheaper to mass produce food with vegan ingredients than with butter, eggs, or animal products.
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3 thoughts on “Vegan Shortbread Cookies”

  1. msg mass produced cookies by Nabisco is nabbing the public!!!!
    f u ckers get a clue – processed food MSG (not only in salty products), hydrogenated oils with pesticides, cheap pesticide flour, and extra preservatives make this cookie f u ck in fit for lab rats!!!!!!
    don’t eat the da mn cookie!!!

  2. lorna doone: i agree with custerken. don’t eat them but to custerken, don’t be such a @#$% about it. being vegan and being political are not 1 in the same. i agree with you and hate the fact that companies use hydrogenated oil in cute little cookies. but anyone that eats a vegan diet and is unaware of these details you pointed out doesn’t need to be called a fuc k er. elitest like to point fingers and call people idiots for not being in the know instead of informing and embracing newcomers. what’s your goal?


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