Vegan Shortbread Cookies

Here’s another surprise cookie treat from Nabisco. I read the package and these are totally vegan.
LornaDoon Cookies
I find it hard to believe Nabisco is making these products to appeal to vegans. I think it’s a very hopeful sign: It must be becoming cheaper to mass produce food with vegan ingredients than with butter, eggs, or animal products.
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5 thoughts on “Vegan Shortbread Cookies”

  1. msg mass produced cookies by Nabisco is nabbing the public!!!!
    f u ckers get a clue – processed food MSG (not only in salty products), hydrogenated oils with pesticides, cheap pesticide flour, and extra preservatives make this cookie f u ck in fit for lab rats!!!!!!
    don’t eat the da mn cookie!!!

  2. lorna doone: i agree with custerken. don’t eat them but to custerken, don’t be such a @#$% about it. being vegan and being political are not 1 in the same. i agree with you and hate the fact that companies use hydrogenated oil in cute little cookies. but anyone that eats a vegan diet and is unaware of these details you pointed out doesn’t need to be called a fuc k er. elitest like to point fingers and call people idiots for not being in the know instead of informing and embracing newcomers. what’s your goal?

  3. Along with sugar, as far as I know regular sugar is filtered using bone char from animals …NOT VEGAN to some/ most vegan as animals are still used.

  4. Hydrogenized palm oil isn’t vegan, only the oil in its raw form.
    Deforestation is linked to the growing of palm trees and so to gain the oil, the land is cleared to grow the trees. orangutans etc have been found burnt cuz this, exploitation and harm Animals is involved which vegans claim it’s exploitation of animals.

    Most full on vegans would not eat anything with these oils


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