Easy Vegan Apple Crisp

I made this last night in just a few minutes (plus 1 hour for baking) and it was extremely tasty, if you can stand to peel the apples.
Apple Crisp by Concord Foods

Apple Crisp

I go to a fruit stand/market near me called Ridgeway Market. It started as just a stand put up by a local farmer to sell his crop directly to the public and has progressed into a full fledged little market where they still sell their home grown fruit and vegetables. I got a half a bushel of apples and saw this box of Concord Foods Apple Crisp as I was checking out. For 99 cents I thought I’d try it and it was a great pie cop-out, concordfoods.com.
Really, really easy. Just sub vegan margarine for the butter and yum!

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