It’s Apple Season in These Parts!

And that means apple cider, apple butter, apple cider doughnuts (unfortunately not vegan), and of course apple pie.
This is a restaurant and pie pantry that is not too far from me called Crane’s, in Fennville, MI. If you are ever in the neighborhood…
Crane's Turn-InOutside Crane's

The restaurant and pie pantry is located at Crane’s Orchards. They grow apples, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and corn. The pies, cider, preserves, butters, cobblers, etc. are all made with the fruit grown right outside.
Crane's Entrance

You know all those cheesy theme restaurants that have the fake memorabilia all over the walls? Well this place may have originated that, this stuff is real. I especially like Betty, the stuffed dog. The sign around her neck reads: “Dog’s name is Betty, 1930 – 1937, She lived in Chicago.
Apple Butter & Applebutter Bread

What’s new and hot at Crane’s the last couple of years is their corn maze, they are open nights now till Halloween. A must go.
Unfortunately you cannot order cider online (I don’t know why) but you can order pies, (frozen uncooked) they told me their crust is pure shortening, but I have a hard time trusting these people in regards to vegan. BUT, the apple butter and the preserves are vegan and boy are they good. They come in 2 different “Orchard Crates” 3-11oz.jars (you choose what’s in ’em) and 2-16oz. mugs, they are pretty cool mugs.
Peruse the Crane’s website to order some really great food or just check out where I got these pictures, it’s a hoot!

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  1. Hey! I stumbled on your site here and saw Crane Orchards and man is that a blast from the past! I grew up down in So. Haven and LOVED going to Cranes! Your site is groovy! I’m a fellow vegan, and now a northern Michigan hippie, always looking for like minded kind folks!


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