Amy’s Veggie Loaf

UPDATE [2023] – I had this for dinner last night, purchased at Wal-Mart. 10 miles from me. Thank you, Amy.

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I am so busy lately. Between work, summer fun and family events I have not had any time to cook.

So if I can get to the health food store, which unfortunately is like 50 miles away, I stock up on these Veggie Loafs, amongst other things. I usually get the regular frozen dinner, which includes mashed potatoes, peas and a slice of loaf with gravy. Totally vegan meal in 5 minutes in the microwave, no muss, no fuss at all.

Amy’s Veggie Loaf also comes in a family size which includes 4 slices. Perfect for the small vegan family, except you don’t get the mashed potatoes and peas, and I hate that because I appreciate having vegan mashed potatoes that I don’t have to make myself. Oh well.

Either way, this veggie loaf is great and the gravy is the best. Try it when you’re busy, lazy, in a hurry, whatever.

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  1. One of my old co-workers had recommended Amy’s products before, but I kinda forgot about them until reading your site. My local Ralphs (a large chain of grocery stores) wasn’t listed on the Amy’s site as a carrier, but lo and behold, I found the veggie loaf there! The problem with real meat loaf is that it tends to be dry, yet this veggie loaf is nice and moist. Yum!

  2. I’m so glad you tried it. This is my absolute favorite meal. (probably because I don’t have to really cook it and then do any dishes) I know Ralphs, I used to go to Ralphs when I lived in LA. Nice store, a couple of them (in the real good hoods) are downright posh.


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