Ultimate Chai

This is the best chai tea there is and it just happens to be vegan.

It comes pre-mixed with the “milk” – Westsoy soy milk that is – already in it. I usually still cut it with soy milk, about 50/50, but that is just my personal taste.

I love this stuff and I would probably drink it even if I was not vegan. It is smooth and sort of chocolaty tasting instead of being really sharp and super sweet like most chais.

UPDATE [2023] – No longer available. Try it. Available at most mid to upscale supermarkets or check the Westsoy [now Westlife] website.

1 thought on “Ultimate Chai”

  1. I used to drink this stuff for dinner. It is pretty good considering that you don’t even have to mix it. However, I highly recommend mixing 1:1 Oregon Organic Chai (constitute) + Edensoy Plain instead.


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