Vegan Margarine

If you don’t already know it, there is a totally vegan margarine and there is absolutely no reason to eat anything else.
This margarine has no funny aftertaste, no aftertaste at all. It does not taste like soy, it just tastes good. I use it on toast, on potatoes, on anything you want “buttered.” I also bake with it all the time. It creams as good as anything else.
If you have never tried it, please do. It is great.

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  1. Hi
    Willow run is pretty good stuff when you want to add the fat to SAD vegan recipes. Over the years I’ve used Willow Run in cookies and cakes and special potluck dishes. But I’ve always been aware that the Hydrogenated fats in Willow run are ,shall we say, very suspect ( and very delicous). So even though I still use Willow Run and I like the product I’ve cut way back on consuming it to protect my arteries. It’s good to have around, but I’ve learned to use it very sparingly. Perhaps two packs a year now. That’s my personal take.

  2. Earth Balance has *new* margarine, it comes in stick form but is non-hydrogenated and has no trans fatty acids! Unfortunately, its about $1 more than Willow Run! I can’t wait to use this stuff though! So excited! 😀

  3. I have a child that is extremely alergic to All dariy products. Willow Run is our favorite margarine. Our family uses it for everything but we can’t find it locally now. Do you know who to locate the co. so I can order in bulk? Would really appreaciate any help!

  4. I love your willow run margarine. I am addicted to it. I use alot of it, too much. I am trying to cut back. I am allergic to milk products and I am very happy that there is a butter out there that I can have. Your prices are good also.
    Elizabeth 2005

  5. I am consternated over the fact that my local health food stores in Seattle have stopped stocking Willow Run. The distributor has stopped carrying it, b/c of the partially hydrogenated oils. This sucks! I love WR and I do not get the same satisfaction from Earth Balance–for cooking, eating, or whatever. Does anyone know how to reach WR and find out if there are any stores still willing to stock their product? I did a search and this was the first site that came up.

  6. I live in beverly ma. It is in the north shore area, The store I was buying willow run ,from has stopped selling it > my mother will only use this product. Could you please tell me ,which stores in the north shore area of massuchsettes sells willow run margarine. Thank you very much

  7. We used to buy Willow Run at either Whole Foods in Raleigh, or at Kroger’s — but neither one has it now. No one has yet been able to tell me why!
    Any other sources in NC??

  8. I am looking for Willow Run margarine in the Sacramento area and cannot find it anywhere. I won’t use anything else and have lots of allergies. Please help me find or to order from distributor or
    Linda M. Johnson

  9. I have moved to Henderson Nv. and cannot find a place to purchase Willow Run. If anyone knows of a store that sells it in the Henderson or Las Vegas area I would love to know where . Thanks

  10. Does anyone know of an internet site where I can order Willow Run Soybean Margarine. My local health food store has stopped carrying it. I’ve been using it for 16 years and it is wonderful!

  11. I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and I don’t know where I could purchase this margarine. I am not quite a vegan, but working my way to it and I’m in the process of tring new things. So if anyone has any idea of where I could get this, that would be very much appreciated!!!

  12. I loved Willow Run but I won’t use it any more because of the trans fats. It has a really high level and we need to watch out for that stuff. Did you know that the level of trans fats we have here in our food supply is out-lawed in Belgium?

  13. Help! I can’t find Willow Run locally anymore. Has it been discontinued? I bought a tub margarine at the health food store but it’s repulsive.
    I’m not a vegan but I do steer clear of milk products and artificial ingredients. If anyone has any suggestions for me I’d be most appreciative.

  14. i am unable to find willow run anymore. Help!!
    whole foods in plano, TX used to carry it & also united market street in wichita falls, TX, but neither have it. is there a website where it can be ordered?
    thank you

  15. I use Willow Run margarine and absolutely love it. But I am noticing that there are trans fats in this margarine. I am comtemplating whether or not I will continue to use it. Can anyone explain to my why there are trans fats in Willow Run when there are not supposed to be any animal products in this product?

  16. I loved this soy margarine (it tasted good and baked yummy)… that is until yesterday, when someone pointed out it was made out of partially hydrogenated oil… very bad! I’ve been trying to cut back on trans fats for my husband… he has a cholesterol problem (high trigylcerides). Now I know part of the reason! Can’t we write to this company to make a soy margarine that is heart-healty????!!! I will, I hope others will too!!!

  17. Please,please tell me where I can find this margarine!!! I live in Altanta and the Krogers here are surely but slowly getting rid of it. I can’t find it anywhere!!! Can you please tell me a website or another store that carries it here???? Help..

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